Monday, June 25, 2012

What To Wear: To A Marriage where You are the MUA and my Experience

Ha ha the scenario I describe in the title of the post is quite rare, but well not entirely impossible now is it? :) Yup! I had been asked to do a bridal makeup for a traditional maharashtrian-kannada wedding on Sunday by my friend's friend... The thing is the bride "Shruti" had returned from Switzerland just two weeks before her wedding and well the scramble for getting clothes stitched, booking parlours and well getting trial makeup done was having a toll on her. She took trials from a couple of parlors and MUAs for her bridal makeup but wasn't very happy with the results... Then when she was lamenting to Shweta (a common friend and ISLM follower), Shweta recommended her to try out a couple of trials with me (ahem!) :P And once I did my first look, she fell in love with it so much that she asked me to do her bridal (wedding and reception) makeup :D Yay! Now as I do take up occasional requests for bridal makeup as well as party makeup and plus she was a friend's friend I immediately said yes :)

Now I had a bit of experience with bridal makeup before as I had done makeup for both my best friends and myself as well plus I had a very good idea about the traditional maharashtrian bridal look so I wasn't as intimidated :) But I must say, doing two bridal looks on one day is really tiring and hats-off to all the bridal MUAs in the world for all the efforts you put in to make a bride look so special on her important day :D Now maharashtrian weddings like south Indian weddings take place in the morning and she had her reception on the same day in the evening, so I was up at 5:00 a.m. and was at her place at 6:00 a.m. Now that was really the most difficult part for me :P he he...

Once I entered the service apartment where she was to get ready, I met with her parents, sisters, cousins and basically all of her female relatives and that is when I really felt nervous! All obviously looking at me as if thinking if this half-ch*nki girl will really be able to carry-out a traditional Maharashtrian look :P Plus they knew I did not do this professionally, rather I myself am a s/w engineer like their daughter and do it as a "side business".. LOL.. The butterflies I had in my stomach at that moment was just "oooh"! ;) I am so glad Shweta and Shilpa (common friends) were with me!

But once I saw her after with pre-bridal treatments and stuff and the inner glow that she was oozing, I knew doing her makeup would be a pleasure :) She looked so gorgeous as is :) And after about an hour of my makeup and hair-do efforts and Shweta's draping skills, Shruti was ready to wed her groom :) Yay!

She loved what I did with her hair... So traditional :)

In the evening I did her reception makeup as well... All in all it was fun though a bit tiring too ;)

But sadly my camera was not able to capture the makeup properly, it even washed out the blusha dn the highlighter :(

And this is what I wore for the morning ceremony...
Since I was very tired I couldn't attend the evening reception :(

Traditional Gold Jhumkis: Tannishq
Traditional Meenakari Gold Bangles: Tanishq
Slip-On Heels: Catwalk
Suit: Gifted by my Mother-In-Law :) 

And well of course this is an essential part of a traditional Maharashtrian wedding feast ;) 
Shrikhand ani Modak :)