Friday, July 20, 2012

I Am The Face Of Handlooms Of India :)

Oh wow! Just saying it makes me feel so awesome! :) If you guys follow me on twitter (you don't? Then you better :P) then you'd know that I had been approached by someone to model for them... Well now let me break the news to you all... I was asked by Handlooms Of India to be their "face"!!! How cool is that?

Well, they are a Pune based enterprise who were looking for a "known" face in the blogging world and Ahem! they chose me! Ok, the fact that I am based out of Pune also helped I guess :P But you guys have to believe me when I say that it feels really cool :D Ha ha! Apart from the "cool" factor, the fact that I got to dress up in these beautiful handloom sarees and don these beautiful pieces of our Indian heritage was just so exhilarating! And then I got to do my hair and makeup, which was simply the cherry on the cake ;) He he... 

Here's something about them in case you are wondering what is it all about (straight from the horse's mouth)...

Handlooms Of India, represents the weaves that color India and has been started as an ode to the richness India has to offer in terms of it's textiles and handicrafts... We are not just any online portal selling traditional sarees and handlooms but are one of a kind one-stop-destination for everything Indian... From bandhej to kalamkari, from ikat to brocade, from phulkari to kaantha, from Paithani to Chanderi, all will be available on HOI.
We are also very proud of the fact that lesser known weaves and crafts like Himru of Aurangabad, Kasavu of Kerela, Taant of Bengal, Muga silk of Assam and many such artistic weaves shall also be showcased on HOI...

As we are committed to provide only authentic and genuine pieces of our Indian tradition to our patrons, we are in the process of revolutionizing the purchase policies for our clientele and are hence yet to open our online store to the public. Nevertheless, we are very much on the scene through our blog and other social networking sites.

Do visit our website, subscribe to our emails to know more about our grand launch date and other updates.
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 Do checkout their site and lemme know how I look ;)

Here are some pics from last weekend's shoot...