Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Rant: Just Like That (JLT)

Hello people :) I don't know if it has become notice-able but I have been slacking-off from doing posts and replying to all of your comments... I am sooo very sorry about that, especially the not replying to comments part :( I know it's super rude on my part...

But it's just that I have been really busy and now the monthly woes that have gotten to me and left me helpless, hapless and totally in a b*tchy mood :( Sighhhhh... So anyways, I had to give you guys so many updates you know, so I thought I'd just do a mass mailer kinda post where I'll update you all about what went through my life these past few days :) *trying to create suspense where there is none* :P

First off and the most important of all, I met Anks of Novice Makeup. Yup! I met her :D She had come down to Mumbai on Sunday and well last weekend I was in Mumbai too, so we agreed to meet up at Phoenix Mills compound at Lower Parel. It was awesome! :D Just as if we meet each other every weekend or something ;) It wasn't awkward, it wasn't boring and it wasn't even like a blogger's meet. It was more like friends meeting up for afternoon coffee or something :) She brought along her daughter too and well I must say Kuhu is a darling :) Such a happy baby! And the best part was she actually liked me! :D *kids generally don't like me*... This was a second in a month for me cause two weekends back when I met up with Parul, her daughter too took a liking for me :) Yay! :D I am finally becoming less scary to babies :)

Another update would be that I got myself a new mascara. I had been using Maxfactor's False Lash Effect Mascara all this while and since I finished my tube I had to get a new one. Yes I always finish my mascaras within 6 months! So this time I got myself MAC's Zoom Lash Mascara. Yup I would be reviewing it in a couple of weeks... Gimme some time to try it out properly people! :P

What else? Hmmmm.... I did a makeup swap with Awungshi of http://drpoisonivy.blogspot.co :D She needed a silver liner and had a Cocobar from colorbar's I-Glide range to spare and I needed a brown liner and had Colorbar I-Glide Silver Hue to spare, so we simply exchanged it :) Ha ha ha :D

Received a couple of product samples with the PR companies approaching me and not vice versa... So I was feeling pretty triumphant this whole weekend :) Reviews later!

I have kept true to my shopping ban and have purchased only products that I need (ahem the mascara)! Nothing else! I went to Health & Glow with mommy this Sunday where we tried out loads of stuff and picked up a huge bill. Once we reached home, my mom thought of segregating my stuff from hers so that when I pack my stuff to come back to Pune I wouldn't be running here and there frantically searching for my stuff. Aren't mom's really gems or something? :) So anyways, after a while I hear a squeal from my mom's room and I rush to her... She looks at me with disbelief and says "Zum (yup she calls me that) you didn't buy a single thing!"... Hahah.. Proud mommy-daughter moment it was ;)
Aren't you guys proud of me? :D

Another incident on similar lines was when I was leaving for Mumbai, "pati" transferred a certain amount of money to my account for my shopping. He generally does that, I guess to kinda make up fot not coming with me ;) This time when I cam back I returned the cash to him (yes I love myself some melodrama) and he just stared at me asking "You didn't buy ANYTHING? Nothing at all?" and well I gave him a sly smile and well lets just say that everything was happy happy after that ;)

So moral of the story, I am almost over my addiction for shopping and I am sooo proud of it :)